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Yesterday my one team guy came to me with an error as

SPID:         XX
Process ID:   XXXX
Msg 3624, Level 20, State 1, Line 1
A system assertion check has failed. Check the SQL Server error log for details. Typically, an assertion failure is caused by a software bug or data corruption. To check for database corruption, consider running DBCC CHECKDB. If you agreed to send dumps to Microsoft during setup, a mini dump will be sent to Microsoft. An update might be available from Microsoft in the latest Service Pack or in a QFE from Technical Support.

When we checked DBCC CHECKDB, results were as
DBCC CHECKDB WITH NO_INFOMSGS – reported no problems.
DBCC CHECKDB, report 0 errors, 0 consistency errors.

After analyzing queries which he was using, we came to know there was 4-5 joins were used and in two tables a comparing columns was different data types as INT and BIGINT. After changing INT to BIGINT our problem got resolved.