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As a SQL Server DBA, I hope we have to maintain following day to day activities.

  1. Check OS Event Logs, SQL Server Logs, and Security Logs for unusual events.
  2. Verify that all scheduled jobs have run successfully.
  3. Confirm that backups have been made and successfully saved to a secure location, also check where backups are restorable or not.
  4. Monitor disk space to ensure your SQL Servers won’t run out of disk space. For best performance, all disks should have 25% or more of free space.
  5. Throughout the day, periodically monitor server’s performance. Use System Monitor, Profiler, DMVs, or the SQL Server Performance Data Collector
  6. Use Management Studio or Profiler to help monitor and identify blocking issues.
  7. Keep a log of any changes what made on servers, including documentation of any performance issues which identified and corrected
  8. Create SQL Server alerts to notify about potential problems, and should have them e-mailed to team or at personal level. Always discuss about necessary topic with DEV/UAT/QC team and take action as needed.
  9. Take some time to learn something new as a DBA to further knowledge and professional development.
  10. Whenever get time, try to explain new things to Dev. team.

 My All dear DBA friends are requested, please share their checklist document what they are following on daily basis, please let discuss here.