Only Truncate Table permission to specific user

Posted: November 4, 2015 by Virendra Yaduvanshi in Database Administrator
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Let in your environment there are lots of SQL user and as a DBA you have to give permission to a specific user to truncate table only. The specified User have no select/delete/insert/update permission on table.

In this scenario we have to grant ALTER permission to that user.

USE [VirendraTest] — VirendraTest is here database Name

GRANT ALTER ON [dbo].[TestTable] TO [Virendra] — Virendra is a User


  1. Renato Siqueira says:


    About ALTER permission:

    In order to grant permission to TRUNCATE, you also grant permission to: “altering, adding, or dropping columns and constraints, reassigning and rebuilding partitions, or disabling or enabling constraints and triggers.” – BOL

    With another words…it isn’t only truncate permission. Dangerous approrach.
    You can afford this using logical via procedure.

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