Temporary stored procedures are like normal stored procedures but, as their name suggests, have short-term existence. There are two types of temporary stored procedures as Private and global are analogous to temporary tables, can be created with the # and ## prefixes added to the procedure name. The symbol # denotes a local temporary stored procedure while ## denotes a global temporary stored procedure. These procedures do not exist after SQL Server is shut down.

Temporary stored procedures are useful when connecting to earlier versions of SQL Server that do not support the reuse of execution plans for Transact-SQL statements or batches. Any connection can execute a global temporary stored procedure. A global temporary stored procedure exists until the connection used by the user who created the procedure is closed and any currently executing versions of the procedure by any other connections are completed. Once the connection that was used to create the procedure is closed, no further execution of the global temporary stored procedure is allowed. Only those connections that have already started executing the stored procedure are allowed to complete. If a stored procedure not prefixed with # or ## is created directly in the tempdb database, the stored procedure is automatically deleted when SQL Server is shut down because tempdb is re-created every time SQL Server is started. Procedures created directly in tempdb exist even after the creating connection is terminated.

  1. Gyaneshwar says:

    can we created/generate the temp stored procedure in recent version of SQL server 2000-2012?If not then why


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