Its sometime happened, our DC (Main Primary DB Instance) may be down due to some reasion and we have to start our log shipped Secondary Server which is at DR location, needs to act as Primary Server for smooth Production.

In my Example lets Primary Server is named as ‘PRIMARY’ and DB which is used for Log shipping at server ‘SECONDARY’ is VIRENDRATEST.

Now suppose I would like to change my PRIMARY Server’s production environment as a ‘SECONDARY’ and ‘SECONDARY’ as a PRIMARY. Below are the steps for same.

  1. First be sure, all applications hits are stopped to DB server. For same we have to contact Application Team/Production to STOP/DISABLE the services/Application, After confirmation from there let go ahead.
  2. Take Full BACKUP of PRIMARY Server’s DB.
  3. Run LS-Backup Job at Primary Server and Disable it.
  4. Run LS-Copy Job at SECONDARY Server , after complition of this, disable this job.
  5. Run LS-Restore job at Secondary Server and after completion of it, Disable it
  6. Now Take LOG Backup from PRIMARY server as using command as
  7. Copy LOG Backup file(of Step 6) of PRIMARY at SCECONDARY server manually.
  8. At SECONDARY , restores last BACKUP LOG file with option WITH RECOVERY
  9. Now our SECONDARY Server’s DB is up for production and PRIMARY Server’s DB is in RESTORING mode
  11. Run LS-Backup Job at newly PRIMARY server.
  12. Refresh both servers instance, both server should be in sysn order with proper status.
  13. Check the Logshipping where its working properly or not
  14. Inform to Production team to Start/Enable all Application/Services

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